X-Men Apocalypse: trailer review

By on December 13, 2015

Sorry for the late review, I was sick for bakırköy bayanları the last 3 days. I’m better now so let’s get to it.

It’s about time we get to the comic booky stuff with the X-Men. If they can’t defeat Magneto after 6 movies, then what’s the point. I’m glad the franchise is moving on, taking on bigger baddies in goofy outfits.

From what I can gather, Apocalypse is the first mutant, wrath of God kinda guy. Taking a step back this feels like the movie that should have come before Days Of Future Past.

Let’s talk Quicksilver, he appears briefly in the trailer, but it feels like they just letting the fans know he’s here. It’s not a crime but I’d rather see more of the new kids. I mean they are gonna give Quicksilver his moment to shine in the movie just to rub it in Marvel’s face. Thereby making an unimportant character important because reasons.

This is a beloved franchise for sure, so what if they’re battling an over the top Power Ranger looking villain, I just want it to be fun.

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