Villainy Royale – 4 super villains with a card up their sleeve

By on November 16, 2016

To have a plan is one thing but to believe in the istanbul avrupa yakası escort power of chance is another. Let’s look at 4 comic book characters that have “a card up their sleeve” in terms of how they operate and follow through as a theme.

Number 4

A dress code is important if you want stand out, just ask the Royal Flush Gang. With all the incarnations of the gang considered, the theme is ridiculous on its face. Yes they commit crimes but come on, dressed like that? King, Queen, Jack and Ace seem to ride or die on the “deck” motif. They have faced off against the Justice League and held their own until it’s lights out! But why bother get a mention on this list apart from the outfits? They have Ace, the member who’s a robot, a robot that can throw down with Superman. With him on the gang they stand a chance to come out on top…until it’s lights out.

Number 3

Lady “good” luck herself, Domino. This Marvel mutant mercenary beats the odds because that’s her mutant power. Really. Real name Neena Thurman has the powers of luck, or in science terms probability-altering powers. Her powers bring her “good luck”, and the opposite for her enemies. Domino’s luck might work to her favor soon as she is rumored to be in the next Deadpool movie. She’s on this list because when her marksman skills fail her she always has luck alternating powers to fall back on, and guess what…she comes out the winner.

Number 2

The Cajun mutant everyone loves but use to hate, Remy Le Beau aka Gambit. I grew up on the X-Men Saturday morning cartoons and I loved Gambit more than Wolverine. Still do, he’s awesome. He started his career on the wrong side of the law, that’s why he’s on this list. This outcast compliments his mutant powers of generating kinetic energy in objects by carrying around a deck of cards as his signature weapon (plus a bo staff). Gambit is charming and formidable, and practices both of these qualities in casinos wherever he finds one. He’s not much of a team player but when the chips are down, he helps the X-Men win the day.

Number 1

You didn’t see this one coming. Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime The Joker. He’s the immovable object that Batman can’t solve. Just as Batman thinks he has the upper hand, Mr J has one more trick up his sleeve. In the cartoon series, Joker literally had a card up his sleeve, a razor sharp one. How do you best a master mind that’s not fully there to begin with? The Joker plays hard and parties even harder, this keeps the Dark Knight on his toes and other villain on alert. When it’s his turn to mess with Batman, everyone else steps aside, you want Joker in your corner not cornering you. Batman might defeat his enemies with enough preparation but when it comes to Joker, his preps might fail because Mr J always has a card up his sleeve.

Hope you enjoyed my count. Leave a comment below if you think I missed anyone.

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