Time Warriors : Comic Review

By on May 25, 2015

Everyone dies at some point right? I mean death is the final chapter right? So how do you weave the end of ones life to the beginning of their story? You escort çarşamba read Time Warriors.

We meet our characters on their way to being debriefed on their final assignment before graduation. One of the requirements is that they have to die…I know right. The 7 cadets (Alexei, Rodrigo, Kioshi, Allison, April, Raven and our hero Dani) plan what they will be doing for on their last day. At first you feel as if you are not in on the joke, but as the story unfolds and the pieces come together you become part of the mission in a way.


One of the tricky things about storytelling is avoiding over explaining the elements involved ( how the world works, the technology, the mission etc.). Some great books and movies just rely on the “we won’t bring it up if you don’t ” policy. This seems to work for this book. Through the final test, we get a glimpse of the bigger picture from the students/ cadets perspective. Don’t want to spoil some of the joint plot points, please pick up a copy and get involved.

In closing, the art fits the major themes of the story. I’m glad that the writing doesn’t overly explain some of the plot devices. Time Warriors is a story that needs to take its “time” to unfold.

After all dying is just the beginning.

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After all is read and done, this issue gets

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