The road to – John Wick: Trailer Review (Part 1)

By on September 29, 2014

People keep asking if I’m back, I’m thinking I’m back

As silly as it may sound, I’m kind of looking forward to John Wick.Silly because it’s nothing new, it’s not a new take on the action genre, it’s mersin toroslar escort bayan not re-defining the mythos of the hitman from the looks of it, it’s just a new flick with Keanu Reeves in it.

Talk about a tired premise that has lost all relevance from an actor who at this point should be as generic as they come but still…I want to go wherever this movie is going. It could  be that I appreciate the ‘set expectation’ that the trailer is delivering, a badass killer comes out of retirement (because they kill his dog) to kill an army of bad guys single handedly. We know the drill by now, great actors on paper thin dialogue, stylish kills every 15 minutes or so, Impossible headshots but still…

There are some nice lines in the trailer: “I’m not afraid of John Wick” and “People keep asking if I’m back, I’m thinking I’m back” this is worth a movie ticket for me. Keanu Reeves has ‘transcended’ as an actor and movie star, he’s rocking this like he just came off the first Matrix in ’99.

To all the youngsters out there that laugh at the heroes we 30 something’s grow up with…check out this trailer ’cause if you don’t know now you know.

What you guys think, are you happy to see Keanu Reeves in this role? Let us know below.

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