The Incredible Hulk: Lost Movie Review #29

By on September 29, 2014

The Incredible Hulk is the movie that Marvel Studios needed to get right before the avrupa yakası escort Marvel Cinematic Universe could really kick off. Ang Lee has his fans to root for the 2003 Hulk movie but as far as Marvel movies go that went off on a tangent big time.

This time around cooler heads have prevailed as this reboot/sequel takes the monster/anti hero on a more consumer friendly, action packed ride that sets the “dark” tone for what’s to come. A recast decision that worked well both in front and behind the camera. Edward Norton is Dr. Bruce Banner this time around and he looks like he just jumped off the pages of the comic book. I like the skinny look, he’s unassuming in his appearance.

This installment picks up with Dr. Banner in South America still hiding from Gen.Ross but most importantly he’s looking for a cure to get rid of the “the other guy”. A special team is assembled by Ross to hunt him down but the General neglects to inform his team that Dr.Banner has a buddy who comes to his rescue every time he’s in trouble. One of the men (Emil Blonsky) who witnesses the awesome freak of nature known as the Hulk in action decides he wants a bit of that experimental ‘WW2’ serum in him, you know…the one that made Captain America.

Apart from the central conflict been one man’s struggle with the monster in him, you see that Banner is more proactive in trying to find a cure before Ross gets to him. While Banner is trying to lay low, Ross is showing us that he too can be a monster through his ambitious actions to capture Banner.

Hulk smash!

After Blonsky realises that he has a bit of “Hulk” in him, he rushes to confront Banner moments after he just dosed himself with what might be the cure. By comparison, the final battle in this movie is more exciting than the one in Godzilla ( 2014). Monsters going at it and Harlem paying the price for us to get a front row seat, it’s good stuff.


The movie ends ambiguously as Banner’s eyes turn green and you watch the note on screen saying ‘number of days without incident 0’.

One of the big things that hold this movie together is the end credit scene when….. :)

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Is The Incredible Hulk good? It's good enough,repeated viewings will not make it better • Is it better than Hulk? That's for you to decide • Do we rate things on this site? Yes and The Incredible Hulk gets

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