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1. Raise the curtain: “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” of course it is, Its a Batman vs Superman movie, go watch it! It’s the first time these icons are on screen together (plus Wonder Woman) in a live action flick, go watch it.Now that we got that out of çarşamba […]

What do I think of the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer? It’s weak, it doesn’t work, the music is bad, and most of all they chickened out by revealing “Doomsday”.Let me stop you right there, it’s çarşamba escort not a Marvel, DC thing, it’s about a trailer that popped its hood and there’s […]


Calm down and read on! Sometimes when a movie takes too long to be released, it runs the risk of bakırköy escort bayanları its content clashing with real world events. This is the case with Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. To make matters worse for DC, stating that their movies are grounded in “reality” doesn’t help. I’d like […]


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer is finally here.Still a year to go before the movie is istanbul avrupa yakası escort out but this will do. When Zak Snyder is behind the camera it’s always a virtual treat from the first frame. Verdict: this trailer is underwhelming as hell. The opening with the […]


Yes I said it, çarşamba escort bayan I believe in Zack Snyder. I think DC and WB need to help him become the voice of the DC cinematic universe instead of a 1 man army that the fans blame for everything. He worked on Watchmen, 300 and Man of Steel,all are DC properties. what more […]


Thanks to the popularity of the comic book blockbuster, more and çarşamba escort more people are starting to read comics. Hopefully this is not a fed but genuine appeal and identification with the characters. I mean we love these fictional characters because we identify with them right? So I’m gonna touch on characters that have in […]


When they announced that Captain America 3 will be the Marvel movie that will be going up against Batman vs Superman on May gerze escort 6 2016. I just hear Batman’s voice in my head saying “You don’t get it do you son. This is not just a mud pit, it’s an operating table”. Guess […]


Justice League WAR is based ataköy eskort bayan on DC’s new 52.  Basically this is how the “reinvented” Justice League meets for the first time. Please note mild spoilers ahead   This is worth breaking down by character and by judging it purely as a standalone movie. In its characterization it feels broken. They dumbed down […]

So Lex Luthor will escort çarşamba be in the movie now. No big surprise there since the film makers are tricking us into writing this entire movie for them. Think about it, they throw out characters names ( Green Lantern, Flash etc) plot devices (Wonder Woman is Kryptonian) and wait for fans to react. Batman […]