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Last year this time we avrupa yakası eskort where all peak-Force-Awakens, which I enjoyed no complaints. This year we have Rogue One, the prequel to A New Hope(episode 4). You don’t have to be a die hard Star Wars fans to see that this movie is good. Thumbs up. The movie tell the events of […]


Cards on the table, I don’t bağcılar eskort care that much for the Star Wars franchise. HOLD ON!!!!!! read on, let me make my point. I didn’t take the prequels personally growing up, “George Lucas didn’t ruin my childhood”, I don’t read the comics or think the Clone Wars or Rebel series is a work […]

Star Wars the force gerze escort kızlar awakens full trailer review. Our galaxy must come to a stop because of news about another galaxy far far away have arrived. Finally we get a coherent promo for JJ Abrams’ Star Wars The Force Awakens. I’m still not sure what the movie is about, but I’ve already […]


The force is strong in this family indeed.If I didn’t know any better escort avrupa yakası I’d say the Skywalker family willed Episode 7 into existence through the Force. From the first shot it looks like it was filmed in the 70’s. It has that old time feeling. The music, the visuals, the energy, it’s […]


A little part of me just died, when I witness the awesomeness that could have been.The awesomeness that almost was The Darth Maul mersin toroslar eskort game. Check it out below if you dare…it’s a sad, sad day indeed. Our favourite Zabrak almost had his own game! The game play looks amazing, the way he […]


In the spirit of Valentines month, we thought we could start by sharing a couple of ideas of what to get your geeked out plus one.  We figured the kitchen is a real sore spot for most couples…the cooking and cleaning is always rather a touchy area, so we figure why not get your lover […]