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#iWantMyMoneyTimeAndAttentionSpanBack. Let’s get this over with. 10. Ride Along 2 Is it just me or a movie with Kevin Hart playing Kevin Hart tends to be lame sometimes. I love his stand up work, one of my favourites no doubt, but a movie that stars a version of his stand up persona gets too sweet […]


It’s that time of year when a colorful nicely wrapped list is put together for movies that survived a turbulent year to say the least. Let’s start. 10. The Shallows A Blake Lively movie that’s too small to make waves but surprisingly turned out good.Nancy is attacked by a great white shark while on holiday, […]


Save the DCEU, keep toroslar escort Superman dead. Yes I said it, don’t bring Superman back. Admit it to your self, you liked the Justice League special footage trailer from ComicCon. It showed heroes who where easy going and in over their heads, dark or not it worked. Batman and Wonder Woman are on a […]


These streets ain’t paved with gerze escort gold. It’s bullets and blood of the innocent. Ladies and gentlemen shit just got real, this is Sicario. Sicario means hitman in Mexican, the question is who’s the hitman? The story follows an eager-to-please CIA agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt). Her boss recommends her and her partner Reggie […]


Why are they shooting in South Africa you ask? We also wondering the same thing…we quickly did the math, we considered the cast, the location (reports say Chris Hemsworth was spotted jogging in Johannesburg just last week, check it out here > ), put all these elements in our Speculation Machine…then it dawned on […]