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Another alien invasion means another day at the escort çarşamba office for Captain Gorgeous. For us it’s reading about this “ordinary” guy who reminds us that his job is to save people, but getting out of bed can be anyone’s Kryptonite. Captain Gorgeous has one of those demanding jobs that need a personality of a […]


Just to start this off on a tangent, I think we tease Batman because he doesn’t behave like a normal person, no one liners no looking ahead and saying “I would like to go do this when I’m done been Batman” nothing! Just cracking skulls and looking cool.These days it’s as if YouTube exists to […]


So if you read the first issue you might have noticed a few gerze bayan partner things about our hero. One of them being he was STALKING Melody Malone. Poor girl, it’s not like Captain Gorgeous is a splitting image of Superman, he’s literally a guy who just got given super powers…and apparently stalking is […]


To me a story with gerze bayan escort potential is one that sets up all its players and world setting in place to build up to something grand. I don’t care if it’s just me, Goof has all the right pieces to be a great story. I’m hooked. It’s got vibrant art with good comedic […]