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Geeks line up to join their teams bakırköy escort on the silver screen. We love these characters and don’t want any harm to come to them, this should be fun and entertaining. Boy I did not see this coming. There’s a formula that we have come to expect from movies. If it’s good guy versus […]

This war that Captain America is declaring on Iron Man is gonna change the atakoy escort MCU in a big way. New heroes to will pick up the pieces moving on to phase 3, I believe this will add depth to the world that these characters live in. Hands up if you when ape sh!t […]

The Captain America: Civil War avrupa yakası eskort trailer has dropped. OMG! This looks epic. Give me a moment to calm down…ok. Civil War is a title of Marvel’s classic storyline in the comic books. In the book, a superhero registration act forces Heroes to work for the government, Iron Man says yes and Cap […]


Imagine a world where the bar was set so high it was çarşamba escort out of view. A world where blockbuster villains where so cool you wish they had more screen time. Imagine no more, just buy yourself a ticket for Avengers Age of Ultron and you’ll be part of that world. The magic of […]


When they announced that Captain America 3 will be the Marvel movie that will be going up against Batman vs Superman on May gerze escort 6 2016. I just hear Batman’s voice in my head saying “You don’t get it do you son. This is not just a mud pit, it’s an operating table”. Guess […]


This is probably the last update we will be doing before istanbul avrupa yakası escort the movie comes out. enjoy. Careful for spoilers. Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Directed by The Russo Brothers and featuring Chris Evans as the leader of the Avengers-Captain America.

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As Steve Rogers tries to build a new avrupa yakası eskort life in the modern world. He must once again wield the Vibranium shield as Captain America to battle a threat known as the Winter Soldier.