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The point of this review is to tell you what I think right? If istanbul avrupa yakası escort I’m doing my job this should save 2 hours, 30 minutes of your life. Bond 24 also known as Spectre is the latest disappointment since Quantum Of Solace. Spectre is about Bond finally coming face to face […]


Your funny uncle told you a joke 10 years ago, you laughed, escort çarşamba it was a good joke, memorable even. Last weekend at the family get-together 10 years later, he told you the same joke verbatim. Guess what…it’s still funny. That’s the magic of Jurassic World. In the forth instalment of the franchise, the […]


In this instalment, Jason Statham is in hot gerze bayan partner pursuit of Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) team for revenge. It turns out the bad guy from Fast and Furious 6 was his little brother. He’s focused on dishing out pain in the name of brotherly love and his Kung Fu is strong. Now that their sins have followed […]


It’s a symptom of laziness when movies don’t respect the audience enough to dish out gerze bayan arkadaş a good product. The movie-going public just wants to be treated to a good experience that’s imaginative and maybe, just maybe be a “work in progress” that they can get behind, and that’s what The Maze Runner […]


People keep asking if I’m back, I’m thinking I’m back As silly as it may sound, I’m kind of looking forward to John Wick.Silly because it’s nothing new, it’s not a new take on the action genre, it’s mersin toroslar escort bayan not re-defining the mythos of the hitman from the looks of it, it’s just […]


Is this a sequel to Team America? Sure feels like it.Seth and Franco are the new gerze bayan escort black, they’re bringing the funk back after This is the End. Funny how the humour here is so close to what the Jump Street Franchise is doing. Maybe these guys are building their own cinematic universe […]