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Since Captain America Civil War is around the corner, I thought I’d jump back to a missed review of one of avrupa yakası escort bayan the heroes that will be in the front lines. Ant-Man had a troubled production history, the fan favourite director Edgar Wright left the project as it was days away from […]


Stop me if you’ve toroslar escort heard this one before. Set in 1963, a former thief turned CIA agent Napoleon Solo is on a mission to gather Intel from the daughter of a nuclear scientist in East Berlin. During the mission he is confronted by KGB agent Illya Kuryakin whose on a similar mission regarding […]


It doesn’t matter which one of the Rocky movies is your favourite (mine is bakırköy eskort Rocky 3), what matter is the consistent message to keep fighting. A life lesson that comes with a built-in soundtrack (Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor and Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti). Now in the hands of writer […]


Cards on the table, I don’t bağcılar eskort care that much for the Star Wars franchise. HOLD ON!!!!!! read on, let me make my point. I didn’t take the prequels personally growing up, “George Lucas didn’t ruin my childhood”, I don’t read the comics or think the Clone Wars or Rebel series is a work […]


Wow….You don’t need to know the gerze escort Fantastic Four to tell that this is a bad movie, and not the kind of bad you can forgive. This film is a brainstorm session gone wrong, a meeting of dumb minds acting as one. Where finger pointing became a natural reflex after the fact. The team […]


The point of this review is to tell you what I think right? If istanbul avrupa yakası escort I’m doing my job this should save 2 hours, 30 minutes of your life. Bond 24 also known as Spectre is the latest disappointment since Quantum Of Solace. Spectre is about Bond finally coming face to face […]

Run Jessica, The Purple Man is gerze escort coming for you.


I went to the rAge Expo in October, bought comics from a collective called Sector avrupa yakası eskort Comics. The 3 issues I got consist of 3 separate stories inside, as the writer puts it “Think about this insanity for a second: there are like, three whole universes in your hands right now”. The stories […]