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Terminator Genisys¬†or as I mersin toroslar eskort call it Terminator 2.5 has a trailer out. I had high hopes for this one and I’m glad this trailer shows a bit of promise. I still don’t like the fact that franchise has moved pass the high way at the end of the movie straight into showing […]


Run!! because it looks like the last 3 be fair, to the 30 plus year old yes it looks like the same movie but I’m sure gerze bayan partner their kids out there that still want to explore this world. Are Dinosaurs even cool anymore? guess we’ll find out June 12.


  Without further ado, it doesn’t look good.It hits all the right notes to indicate that it doesn’t gerze escort kızlar come close to Noah. I like the fact that they are showing enough in the trailer to help not misguide you about what this is. Ridley Scott you say. Gladiator you say. well I […]


In this age of reboots and connected universes nothing is ever really done. The suits sell us products and experiences we have gone through, but with the cherry of “imagine it’s done with today’s special effects”.I not gonna say no don’t do it, mersin toroslar eskort bayan it’s not my money their spending…or is it? […]


Sorry that this one came toroslar escort late folks, life happens. The thing about Space exploration movies is that they tend to remain open ended so as to give the audience a chance to interpret the meaning for themselves. Solaris, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Contact and so on, allowing us to add to the imagination […]


So finally the Teenage Mutant Ninja avrupa yakası eskort Turtles hit the big screen in South Africa, I guess the studio didn’t think this deserved a worldwide release. I wonder why. A few elements of the origin story where obviously tweaked to accommodated the mainstream audiences, it’s not a train smash just pointing it out […]