Rogue One, A Star Wars Story : Movie review

By on December 23, 2016

Last year this time we avrupa yakası eskort where all peak-Force-Awakens, which I enjoyed no complaints. This year we have Rogue One, the prequel to A New Hope(episode 4). You don’t have to be a die hard Star Wars fans to see that this movie is good. Thumbs up.

The movie tell the events of how the rebel alliance got hold of the planes for the Death Star. Since this is a prequel to episode 4 where they mention that people died getting the plans, I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say…everyone dies but this is how it happens.

Orson Kernnic tracks down his engineer friend Galen Erso to come help finish the first Death Star for the empire. Erso saves his daughter Jyn first before he is taken against his will. Years later the Rebel Alliance finds his daughter and persuades her to help them get plans for the Death Star before planets are blown to bits.
A small team is assembled to infiltrate the Empire’s stronghold and get the plans…then everyone dies. But they succeed and it makes for one hell of a Star Wars movie.

I would ranks this entry above most but right now it must give it the respect it deserves. The war movie, troops on the ground angle makes for a fresh take on the series as a whole.


I wish the movie quality was not 2016 clean (know what mean?). It just needed that rough 70’s feel to drive the point home. There are times while watching I had to remind myself that this is before the whole franchise began. I appreciated the familiar faces and a crazy awesome scene towards the end but that clean quality didn’t make Darth Vader feel real.
Apart from that, the war was fought by characters I liked and rooted for. This made for a great movie overall.

Have you seen it? what do you think? let me know below.

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Is Rogue One good? yes • Is it better than Star Wars The Force Awakens? That's for you to decide • Do we rate movies on this site? Yes, and Rogue One gets

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