Review: Wynter #1

By on May 9, 2014

Wynter #1 review

“Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you why I Liz Wynter am no one special”

There’s nothing that annoys me like emo teens.Either they are from a galaxy bakırköy escort far far away or sometime in the distant future. I don’t care much for them. Yes I know, I’m no fun right? In terms of storytelling in my opinion, you have to know your sh!t before you hang an entire story on a teenager. Maybe it’s my mind set, maybe the Twilight movies broke something in teen entertainment as a whole…they did. I think it’s how real and ‘not so disconnected’ the character must be for me to see the world through their eyes. I liked Young Justice season 1 so it must be something in the KIND of story one tells.

Set in the distant future,we meet Liz. So Liz Wynter is what I don’t care much for, a 17 year old with me myself and I issues. She doesn’t feel special :( sad sad Liz.

“I am special” she tells herself, and a voice in her head replies” 200 billion plus had same thought in last 30 seconds, 10 billion plus are 17, like you. Would you like to know who they are?”. Yes guys, someone found a way to make teenage emo BS interesting.

So in the future fractions of your DNA are in other people. The gene pool has become so saturate that no one is just that special one anymore . From a science stand point I’m okay with that, you should see how handsome I am. From a cultural or even spiritual point of view, Wynter is informing us that we lost something in us. There’s no true north anymore, It’s just people mixed with other people.

Liz Wynter lives in a world that lossy resembles the sci fi satire Robocop…the original. Corporates have reached levels dreamed impossible, they can cure that feeling of special, because like love it’s a chemical imbalance in you. To be honest the theme of her not been special is not the hook for me. It’s the world she finds herself in when her and her friend fool around in other peoples’ app folders, I’m not gonna tell you more on that get the book.

The art is cool, a bit depressing but I get why they went with it. This is on some The Fugitive “I didn’t do it” vibe. It suits the material. We are introduced to a lot of little things in just this one issue, the world building is great but like I said you have to be on point to hang a story on a teenager.

Love the world, love the last 2 pages I just hope Wynter can deliver more both as a character and as a book.

When this not-so-special girl gets all kick ass and saves the galaxy because…say it with me, she found out that there is something that makes her special you’ll thank me you picked up the book. If i’m wrong I’m wrong it’s fine, but if not don’t forget you read it here first.

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