Review: Goof #3

By on July 7, 2014

Just to start this off on a tangent, I think we tease Batman because he doesn’t behave like a normal person, no one liners no looking ahead and saying “I would like to go do this when I’m done been Batman” nothing! Just cracking skulls and looking cool.These days it’s as if YouTube exists to give him a sense of kadıköy escort humour. Now Captain Gorgeous on the other hand is so ‘The Man Next Door’ you just what to see what he’ll do next.

Continuing from the last issue, CG is on his way to rescue Melody. He’s having fantasies of what he’s gonna say when he gets there, how ‘Man Next Door’ is that? The writer gets it, in turn we get it. It’s like watching an episode of The Office and be like “I know that guy”.

The book is titled Worst Rescue Ever; oh I’m sorry did I give the plot away?

So the villains get what they want by leading CG into a trap, I’m not gonna call them by name please read my last review to know why. Point is the plan didn’t need much doing because Gorgeous is no Batman; he just does things because they make some sort of sense in his head, by head I mean…

Anyway the bad guys show up, mass up what should be a straight forward attack and wait for it…they’re wearing the same uniform as him. I like how he goes “bit one thing is clear; they are complete nincompoops! A pair of super goofs”. This is the part where you say ” thank you CLG for re commanding this read to me, you did say something else was going on under the surface and it’s apparent now that you might be right”. Well dear reader you’re welcome :)
The Captain’s world just got bigger and more interesting. Now I’m interested on who the Juns are and why is there a guy who claims he’s from the future and why are Captain’s niece and nephew shaping up to be baddies.

In my humble recommendation, add Goof to what you are currently reading, Guy Hasson is onto something here.

I love the art on this one. I like how it kind of has that pin up adult feel to it, it’s funny because of what happens during the rescue and it’s on the cover so I’m not spoiling it for you.

Guy Hasson sir, your last 2 pages really stand out for me. The connection to Melody and the fact that the aliens discover something about direct translations…dope.

The book is published by New Worlds Comics and can be found here New Worlds Comics iPad app.

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