Review: Goof #2

By on June 11, 2014

So if you read the first issue you might have noticed a few gerze bayan partner things about our hero. One of them being he was STALKING Melody Malone. Poor girl, it’s not like Captain Gorgeous is a splitting image of Superman, he’s literally a guy who just got given super powers…and apparently stalking is one of them.

I left this detail out in the first issue review, because I thought Guy Hasson (the writer) was just showing us how whacky Capt.Gorgeous is but hear it again. Why?

I had a gut feeling about this book, and it’s starting to pay off for a few reasons. Whenever Cap is chasing his dream girl, disaster follows because he breaks things trying to hide from her. The issue is called “I forgot to look left or right”, actions have consequences and Cap is not exempt from that.

The plot thickens as we are introduced to another alien race that’s coming to earth to fight Capt.Gorgeous. Their plan is to kidnap his “lover”(Melody Malone) use her to lure him into a trap. Straight forward villainy, nothing interesting there…but they wear the same uniform as him and they know about the Juns.

I told you Goof was gonna get good.

If you haven’t downloaded this issue yet, I think I should stop right here.
Goof #2 is funny, silly when it needs to be, there’s something about the aliens names I don’t like, but it doesn’t break the book for me and the art is great. Honestly the change in style is slowly confirming my theory that this book is gonna get dark. Just wait and see……

The book is published by New Worlds Comics and can be found here New Worlds Comics iPad app.

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After all is read and done, this issue gets


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