Review: Goof #1

By on April 24, 2014

To me a story with gerze bayan escort potential is one that sets up all its players and world setting in place to build up to something grand. I don’t care if it’s just me, Goof has all the right pieces to be a great story. I’m hooked. It’s got vibrant art with good comedic energy. It wants to be funny and it is, it’s not hiding that. It doesn’t want you to spend time deciphering the world of Captain Gorgeous, it’s there in black and white he’s bad at his super-heroics. Three pages in he kills a cat by sneezing on it like something out of the Animaniacs.

Speaking of players and pieces that are set up. Captain Gorgeous stops alien invasions, saves cats out of trees, spends time with family and performs other heroic deeds. Soooo why pick up this title you ask? Because in the first 3 pages we learn he got GIVEN his power by aliens who also stated in his CONTRACT that he should be called Captain Gorgeous ‘insert alarm bells here’. If you have ever watched or read a book with contacts and devils you know what talking about. This is one of like 5 things that keep the alarm ringing. I’ve been reading comics for the better part of my childhood and adulthood, I kid you not this is like Darkwing Duck (Cartoons were good then) meets Cabin in the Woods. Captain Gorgeous speaks about the aliens (Juns) who gave him his power coming back to review his performance as a superhero. So what counts as a bad performance? Sneezing on a cat maybe?

I don’t care if it’s just me, Goof has all the right pieces to be a great story. I’m hooked

As for this issue as a stand-alone I see a hero who’s not the best representation of mankind. What worries me about him is his emotional immaturity. This type of person is the worse when they get angry and I think we will see this in later issues. It would be cool to see if they explore this.

To be clear the writers said nothing about upcoming issues or where the story is going. This is an observation. There are facets to this story and it’s characters that are setting up for something grand. This is the potential I speak of. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but when Gorgeous loses his powers, gets his loved ones killed and does something completely unexpected don’t forget you read it here first.

The book is published by New Worlds Comics and can be found here New Worlds Comics iPad app.

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