Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – Trailer 3 Review

By on March 5, 2015

You have to give it to Marvel for how dramatic the villains are, where the hell did Ultron find a throne to sit and make introspective monologues?

Since we know the Avengers survive to make more movies, how the hell does a villain like Ultron fail? this guy is going in for the kill.Stark messed up escort çarşamba and the Avengers must come together to save the world. A friend of mine said we don’t really need this trailer because we already hyped up from the last two, but I say I like to see new footage and most importantly get more of the story.

The slow motion jump scene of all the members just screams comic book cover. Thanks for that Joss Whedon.

Hulk buster scene is still awesome. I’m not liking Quicksliver that much. I hope this is not all Hawkeye that’s in the movie.

Lastly, the Vision looks…odd. By the way, why would you build another machine to fight another machine? What if Vision decides to join Ultron?

Anyways, this trailer is epic no doubt.

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