Marvel’s Ant-man: Lost movie review #33

By on April 25, 2016

Since Captain America Civil War is around the corner, I thought I’d jump back to a missed review of one of avrupa yakası escort bayan the heroes that will be in the front lines.

Ant-Man had a troubled production history, the fan favourite director Edgar Wright left the project as it was days away from filming. This was big misstep for both Marvel and Wright because he was the committed director that wrote the script and kept fan-interest for a number of years. Then he was gone. Now what?


Newly released burglar Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is trying to get his life back together with a record hanging over his head. His dopey friend and fellow criminal Luis (Michael Peña) convinces him to rob a house with an old school safe in the basement. The job goes well but the score is not what Lang was expecting, instead he finds the Ant-Man suit.

Now Scott and his merry band of thieves are hired by the original Ant-Man Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to help him and his daughter (Evangeline Lilly) ,steal a prototype suit that works like the Ant-Man tech from Pym’s former protégé, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll).

I had pegged Ant-Man as Marvel Studios’ first failure. When news broke of Edgar Wright leaving the film, I was ready to right this movie off. Damn if the final product doesn’t work! I don’t know what was on paper before Wright left, but what was on screen at the end was good regardless. The good guys are funny and great to hang with, the villain takes himself too seriously but at this point it’s in every marvel movie so it is what it is. Paul Rudd is great as both Scott Lang and as a newly recruited superhero. The Ant-Man mythos is deepened by stories that Hank Pym tells of his SHIELD days, and how he tragically lost his wife Janet aka Wasp.

The Marvel universe is now at a point where none of the movies can avoid the obvious, ” I think we should call the Avengers” is one of the solutions that come up in a brainstorming session, because the effects of that part of the MCU cannot remain unnoticed anymore.

We learn that Hank Pym has a history with the Starks and wants to keep his Ant-Man tech away from Stark Jr. With all these world building nuggets this side of the MCU, the Ant-Man story remains small and focused, ‘Break into Pym Tech and steal the Yellowjacket suit from the evil bald guy’.

The special effects are well done, they’re not ‘Lord of the Rings’ crazy but they work for the story being told. The jokes on me because I didn’t have faith in what Marvel was going ahead with on this project, but I see now that the smaller stories are what hold the big idea together. It’s the characters we fall in love with, not how “badass” they are on screen.

If you haven’t watched Ant-Man at this point what are you waiting for?

Does this movie bring you over to #TeamCap’s side since Ant-Man is one of his ‘soldiers’ in Captain America Civil War.

Sound off in the comments.

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