Mad Max Fury Road: Movie Review

By on May 25, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road: A road trip on toroslar eskort acid.

Short version, brothers and sisters, Mad Max Fury Road is good. Now let dig in.

In this 2016 fourth instalment, the role of Max Rockatansky is portrayed by Tom Hardy. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the Australian outback with a touch of Burning Man on acid again (the desert festival if you don’t get the reference).

Max gets captured by a group of crazies called the War Boys who work and worship a bigger crazie Immortan Joe. When one of Joe’s trusted drivers Imperator Furiosa ( Charlize Theron) betrayed him while on a routine fuel run to Gas Town, Joe’s sends his army after her War Rig truck. Amidst the spectacular action and roaring engines, Max just happens to be there because one of the War Boys ( Nicholas Hoult) is using him for blood transfusions. Gross right?

Not a complicated plot…or is it.

We discover that the War Rig is transporting an enslaved group of young women that Joe used to sow his seeds, his possessions as he calls them. 5 HOT women might I add. Furiosa is taking them to her homeland where they can be free to raise their children safe from Joe’s cosplay obsessed grasp.

If you thinking this is a grown up version of Pirates of the Caribbean you’re right. The action scenes are loud and unapologetic, it’s the same realised vision of the originals with a touch of today’s CGI and practical effects. In a world where humanity is running out of oil, they burn a lot of it in this movie and it makes sense in this context. I mean why waste energy on a truck with a guy playing a guitar 24 hours straight? Simple answer, because you can.

Subtle Norse metrology references are apparent throughout the film. Joe is Odin, his two sons Rictus Erectus and Nux are Thor and Loki respectively. Joe promises his War Boys Valhalla if they choose to die for him. Rictus Erectus carries a big ass gun much like Thor’s hammer. Nux is the bad son gone good by the end of the second act (reverse Loki). The brothers drive what could be seen as a flaming chariot much like the gods.

Speaking of references, wasn’t it funny that Tom Hardy had a metal mask over his mouth for a substantial amount of the first act. I was laughing when he was trying desperately to get it off his face.

Surprised I’m not mentioning Max much? that’s because he’s not a big part of a film named after him. The real hero is Furiosa. A well realised charecter with a goal and drive to achieve it. She’s not interchangeable like Max, she helps drive the plot and is emotionally invested in the outcome of events.

It’s a shame that such gems can be ruined by prospects of more sequels just to keep the mother machine tuning, but that’s Hollywood for you.

I think the verdict is in, Mad Max is worth your time and dime. Check it out.

The comment section is all yours guys, let us know what you think of Mad Max Fury Road.

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Is Mad Max Fury Road good? Yes • Is it better than Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome? That's for you to decide • Do we rate things on this site? Yes and Mad Max Fury Road gets

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