Justice League trailer: thoughts

By on March 26, 2017

Time to get off the bench, this eskort avrupa yakası trailer was disappointing. I implore you to dig deep into your feelings and be honest, and honestly this was weak. At this point I don’t think anyone can say for sure if DC Films is interested in the world-building-money anymore. This seems like 2 steps to the left from what Wonder Woman is promising. From the trailer alone it feels like we need about 2 other movies before this and Wonder Woman been one of them. But there’s a movie missing, a movie that explains how we go from dark, gritty and realistic to full on ape sh!t. In other words, this looks like Power Rangers the porn version. it’s not attractive, it’s not inviting and It’s not entertaining (the trailer i mean, i haven’t seen the movie).

Why the hell would Bruce Wayne say his money is his superpower?
So in this world Batman reads memes about himself? WTF. And NO I’m not reading too much into it, it’s a bad line and it discredits Batman as a great character and valuable member of the team. This confirms that Ben Affleck is done with this role, on the real.

I don’t get a central theme of what the movie is about in between the action and the one liners. As least Suicide Squad trailers where pretty to look at, the disappointment came after I gave them my money.

I don’t now what marketing research is informing WB and DC, but they sure know something we don’t, like why keeping Superman off the promos is a good direction to go, unless they’re keeping the general audience away and this build for hardcore fans only.

on the other hand…

The best part for me is the FACT that Superman doesn’t show up in any of the JL promos. I think they don’t want the general audience to associate this new movie with last year’s badly reviewed BvS (Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice) even though this trailer is dropped 1 year to the day since BvS.

I like the team without Superman personally, its all new characters from minor appearances in other movies and now here together. It works.

Ok I’ve said enough. What do you guys think?

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