Jurassic World : Spoiler Filled Movie Review

By on June 5, 2015

Your funny uncle told you a joke 10 years ago, you laughed, escort çarşamba it was a good joke, memorable even. Last weekend at the family get-together 10 years later, he told you the same joke verbatim. Guess what…it’s still funny. That’s the magic of Jurassic World.

In the forth instalment of the franchise, the powers that be were able to “will” the dinosaur theme park into existence. Now it’s fully functional and turning a profit. The impression we get is that it’s been a while since the doors opened and now corporate is worried that the public are looking for something new. Something bigger. Something edger.

The InGen scientists cook up a new dinosaur to fulfil the brief. It’s bigger, edger and out of its damn mind. The new billionaire in charge Mr.Masrani (Irrfan Khan) instructs Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to consult with Owen (Chris Pratt) before opening to the public. Since the phrase “I told you so” doesn’t exist in this world. The Lunatic-a-saurus busts out and all hell breaks loose.

Like in the other instalments, there are sub-plots that don’t matter. Yes it’s nice to have one of the child characters Grey (Ty Simpkins) act as the POV for the movie audience’s return to Isla Nublar island. Beyond that, the 2 kids where perfunctory. The plot already had weight without them, but since the franchise always had kids, why not.

Director Colin Trevorrow replicates some of the shots from the first Jurassic park movie for nostalgia and it works. A prop here and there to keep the spirit alive is cool too. The creatures themselves are well realised now that the technology has caught up, but the 1993 efx remains top notch. They did the most with the little they had then.

Greed is still one of the main themes in this franchise. Basically “stop trying to steal the dinosaur eggs or test tubes from the theme park it never ends well”. What stuck out the most for me was the issue of control, maybe we need this park to constantly remind us that we can’t control everything. We can’t built them bigger and deadlier and hope there’s a chance they will submit to us. Not happening. Oh that thing with Chris Pratt controlling the Raptors…spoiler alert, they turn on him down the line.

Love the Deep Blue Sea reference during the big battle at the end. Classic. Yes movie we get it, the new kid on the block isn’t always the one who will stand the test of time. The T-Rex rules because life always finds a way.

One of the things that did disappointed me was there where no iconic shots in the movie. The ripple in the glass when the T-Rex comes for the cars like in the first movie or Raptors opening doors.

It’s no classic but loads of fun. Right now you can count the first movie and this one as the complete series in my opinion.

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Is Jurassic World good? Yes • Is it better than Jurassic Park 3? That's for you to decide • Do we rate things on this site? Yes and Jurassic World gets

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