Independence Day Resurgence: movie review

By on July 5, 2016

It’s 20 years since the world-ending eskort avrupa yakası attack on mankind. The humans have integrated the fallen alien tech with military arsenal. Basically the world is Better now…

Or is it.

The original alien menace returns with a bigger ship and bigger guns. Same plot as before, stop the aliens from wiping men out. How can you f*** that up?

Independence Day: Resurgence is bad, dump and out of touch.

I don’t know what I just watched but this is not a sequel to 1996 ID4. Talk about bad timing.

First problem, if a guy wearing the American flag holding a shield can save the world from an alien attack, I’m sure Jeff Goldblum is gonna be fine so no tension there whatsoever. I was not invested in any of the characters on screen, veteran and new alike. If there’s one thing I can hold against the superhero genre is that it puts so much pressure on the market that sci-fi movies want to mimic it.

20 years ago ID4 blazed a trail of its own, love it or hate it. The timing was right for that kind of movie. The 1996 movie introduced a then new generation of movie heroes stepping up to save mankind, with a boss speech from President Awesome Bill Pullman. Now it’s as if the audience is expected to just get onboard with what’s on screen, not cool director Ronald Emmerich! Not cool at all.

Independence Day Resurgence has nothing new to add to the 1996 mythos except information they “forgot to mention”. The new generation of heroes are one dimensional characters the world uses as cannon fodder. The movie has no quotables, and the recycled shots and callbacks are outdated. The mystery of what lies on the other side of the universe is ripped away and causes the movie to feel like a cartoon.

Minor spoiler ahead:
ID4 just got into Transformers territory!

This movie and all it has to offer is not worth a movie ticket. Times are hard, the Rand is not doing so hot, save your money.

This movie ruins the legacy of a cheesy classic.

Have you seen Independence Day Resurgence? what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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