I believe in Zack Snyder?

By on July 7, 2014

Yes I said it, çarşamba escort bayan I believe in Zack Snyder. I think DC and WB need to help him become the voice of the DC cinematic universe instead of a 1 man army that the fans blame for everything. He worked on Watchmen, 300 and Man of Steel,all are DC properties. what more does this man need to do for the suits to realise he’s on their side come hell or high water.

When a director says statements like ‘What about Batman?’- article here , you worry that he’s just reducing the greatest superhero of all time to a school yard bully, but I think something interesting is going on here. I think Goyer and Snyder’s vision for the DC cinematic universe is to bump Batman to leader role moving on and Superman to be the tough guy in the team and not necessarily the symbol of all that is righteous and good ( of course he’s a good guy but more the snap-your-neck good guy). Either we live in a world that has grown cynical and bored of old fashion values or this makes absolute sense, let the alien be the-kick-ass-ask-questions-later member and the playboy billionaire be the point of view in which we the audience understand the DC universe.

I think Superman’s had his time under the sun, the mainstream audience has spoken – demote him. Why should fans hold on to a character that even the company itself sees as a relic in this day and age. I don’t think Batman v Superman will be anything groundbreaking but I think for the characters on screen it will have done enough to help them move forward and change with the times, and Zack Snyder might be able to do that.

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