Gotham: Series Review E01S01

By on October 3, 2014

Title: Pilot episode

A good crime drama is sacrificed at the mersin toroslar eskort bayan expense of showing off. The opening scene with young catwoman reminded me of Smallville, the promise of what is NOT to come. And that continued throughout the episode.

Spoilers ahead

I thought the Wayne’s where gonna be a big part of this DC self indulgence exercise, to kill them off in the first 10 minutes just depletes their currency as important characters who are attached to another very important figure in the DC universe. This was suppose to be their story as much as it’s Gordon’s. They have more weight in the comics because the story of Batman starts with them dead, less is more in that instance. To do a prequel project and still leave them out makes no sense.

This show is suppose to get new viewers who are into crime dramas, not pander to an already existing loyal fan base, The Flash and Arrow are already top of mind for us fans already.

It looks good, the city looks like it’s at the brink of collapse. The cop stuff is good until the characters have to stop and announce to the audience who they are and how they are all tied together as Batman characters.

OMG the name dropping “penguin, Ivy, Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne” and anyone else to keep your interest since the cop stuff gets thin and cartoony after a while.

I think I’m gonna give this one a miss, at least with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD I’m not playing ‘connect the dots’, maybe when they get Killer Croc and Clay Face on the show I might take an interest.

What do you guy think? Do you want to spend an hour of your time spotting Easter eggs in a show that might not really take off because what would make it awesome (BATMAN) won’t be there.

What are your feelings about the show? Let us know in the comments.

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