Ghostbusters: Movie review

By on July 31, 2016

In this reboot of the 1984 Ghostbusters, the escort avrupa yakası story follows 3 scientists (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon) and a metrol rail worker(Leslie Jones) who band together as paranormal exterminators to save New York from a nigh ghost apocalypse.

This premise would have taken the world by storm if only this was not a reboot. Ghostbusters can not escape the comparison to the original, which most fans are fighting tooth and nail to defend.

If only this was new under the sun.

I’m not gonna get into why the original is better in comparison just go watch it, but I will say the women-hate was misplaced. They don’t hurt the movie the name recognition does. The movie itself tries a number of times to “stick it” to the haters and this goes over like a lead balloon. Just the mention of a phase from the original material would eclipse the new plot points and story, and this takes a lot out of me. I’m giving this movie the benefit of the doubt and it blows it.

The characters bring their A game to the table, and Chris Hemsworth is having fun with his role. But as the story unravels, it get more and more cartoony, As if that’s the sweet point Sony was aiming for. In that regard, this is what sets it apart for the original.

I think the mistake that most reboots make is to assume that your knowledge of the original work will fill in the gaps. Mild spoiler ahead: the team is on the hunt for new premise to start the business, they end up at the original fire house from the 1984 movie, as a fan you would recognise this and get the gag. Moments after they realise they can’t afford the rent, they set up base somewhere else. This is not funny because you know they’ll end up at the firehouse at some point, then why go through all that in the first place. Its time wasted on old vs new that we don’t get to more of the new stuff due to time. It’s time wasted.

It’s more comedy than it is science fiction. I hate that. the original soundtrack sounds outdated in 2016. I think that sound was time specific. The neon lights esthetic doesn’t work for the material they are rebooting, the special effects are not the saving grace of this movie. It lacks jumps scares that might help it move forward with something new. Scare me it’s fine, the Ghostbusters will get you.

With all that said, it does have repeat value in it, meaning I would watch it again. One has to keep their expectations realistic. It’s four great comedians busting ghosts. That’s it.

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Is Ghostbusters good? it's okay • Is it better than 1984 Ghostbusters? That's for you to decide • Do we rate movies on this site? Yes, and Ghostbusters gets

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