Fantastic Four: Movie Review

By on December 18, 2015

Wow….You don’t need to know the gerze escort Fantastic Four to tell that this is a bad movie, and not the kind of bad you can forgive. This film is a brainstorm session gone wrong, a meeting of dumb minds acting as one. Where finger pointing became a natural reflex after the fact. The team behind Fantastic Four succeed in making a horrible, unwatchable piece of…fudge.

The animosity I feel towards this 3rd try at making Marvel’s First Family relevant has missed by a mile or light years. Personally I think this is the one that had to be sacrificed for Fox to get their act together for Deadpool.

So what’s the plot to this fudge of a film? I’m glad you asked, because there isn’t one.

A boy genius named Reed Richards discovers a portal to another planet or dimension. Later in life he is recruited by the military to join a team of scientists and further his work. His play mates are Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Victor Von Doom and for no reason at all, his childhood friend Ben Grimm. They build the portal, it works, they get drunk and use it to go to the other side. When I say childhood friend I mean this guy was not part of the program to build this thing, his here because he helped Reed build his prototype. Fudge this movie seriously.

The drunk explores get to the other side, things go bad and they come back with powers. Sorry guys, I’m gonna stop right here, this movie is not worth your time nor mine.

The once was promising talent Director Josh Trank is out of his depth. As a fan of this genre I can only speculate about what happened behind board room doors. We know for a fact that production was troubled from the beginning. Script rewrites plagued the filming schedule. Reshoots with Josh Trank side lined just do the studio can salvage this fudge that no one wants to be accountable for.

In the end, the Tim Story Fantastic Four films remain the best attempt at capturing the spirit of the comics (giant Galactus cloud not withstanding). Either Fox Studios sells the rights back to Marvel or they find a way to pass this “fantastic family problem” onto another studio. This will be on the worse lists of many critics this year or this decade.

Save yourself the pain DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

Leave a comment below if you where a victim of this piece of…fudge.

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Is Fantastic Four good? No • Is it better than the 2005 Fantastic Four? That's for you to decide • Do we rate things on this site? Yes, and Fantastic Four gets

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