Clapping for all the wrong reasons… Ref: Man of Steel 2

By on January 21, 2014

Let us start this off with something mersin toroslar escort quite deep. A quote from  Chance the Rapper “the truth doesn’t always rhyme”.

In this context , Batman doesn’t rhyme with Superman. What the Batman Trilogy director Christopher Nolan did for DC/WB will always be held at high esteem, by both critics and audiences. It’s a shame DC/WB didn’t take care of what they had moving forward. Man of Steel promised to be bigger and better than The Dark Knight. It was as if they we heralding the return on a prominent religious figure. Well…it didn’t work did it? Instead psycho neck-snapping Superman just rubbed people off the wrong way.

What audiences loved about the Nolan-verse was suddenly out of place in this context. The GREATEST hero in pop culture is nowhere to be found in his own movie! by the way, there’s a scene in the movie where young Clark is playing in the backyard wearing a make-shift red cape… which superhero is he pretending to be? The scene was “there” but it kinda like didn’t feel it was suppose to mean anything…  Anyway this was  the 20th out of 100 things or more that was wrong with this movie, so we digress.

Superman Batman announcement in Hall H at the San Diego ComicCon

Quotes where read, dates where announced, logos where projected at the Comic Con, promises where made, and again we applauded. Looking back at now, it was for the wrong reasons. From Warner Bros’ side they just wanted to capitalise on the semi-success of a movie that didn’t have an identity of it’s own let alone suppose to be a foundation for future franchises. The “in Nolan we trust” sentiment was milked Like a mother********. Guys…hope starts with and an ‘H’. For a universe that wanted to be “realistic” they fu*ked up on that one, and we went along with it.

In closing, as fans we are part to blame for endorsing a half-baked project that had 75 years of source material to pick from. The rest is creative egos with yes men for team mates. 2016 might not be the date we want but it’s the date we deserve. we wish them all the luck.

(p.s the title of this article is borrowed from Childish Gambino’s short film of the same name)

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