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Alterna Comics reveals a new logo for their graphic novels and the creation of a single issue line that will feature newsprint interiors and a retro style logo. For 10 years, Alterna Comics has produced over 50 different graphic novels for distribution in comic shops and bookstores.Now entering their mersin toroslar escort 11th year, Alterna […]


To have a plan is one thing but to believe in the istanbul avrupa yakası escort power of chance is another. Let’s look at 4 comic book characters that have “a card up their sleeve” in terms of how they operate and follow through as a theme. Number 4 A dress code is important if […]


Save the DCEU, keep toroslar escort Superman dead. Yes I said it, don’t bring Superman back. Admit it to your self, you liked the Justice League special footage trailer from ComicCon. It showed heroes who where easy going and in over their heads, dark or not it worked. Batman and Wonder Woman are on a […]


With a new theme every year, the 2016 IF anthology tackles SUPER POWERS and the results are nothing short of amazing. “IF” – the word itself has helped make the impossible become possible.Coming off the heels of last year’s successful Kickstarter and subsequent escort çarşamba release (2015 IF ANTHOLOGY: SCIENCE FICTION), Alterna Comics is happy […]


Creator-owned comics from some of the best and brightest are at the forefront from Fall 2016 through Fall 2017. The future looks bright for Alterna Comics as they transition from their 10th year to their 11th.A string of creator-owned projects look to make waves in the comic industry as Alterna debuts horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and […]


A horror graphic novel with strong social themes and a film on the way, THE CHAIR debuts a third and definitive edition this Fall Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen’s psychological horror thriller from Alterna istanbul avrupa yakası escort Comics has been a critically acclaimed fan-favorite since 2008. “On Death Row, the Only Monster is Man.” […]


The Alterna AnniverSERIES Anthology boasts well over 400 pages of key stories çarşamba escort from Alterna’s 10 year history. Space-traveling children, swash-buckling sky pirates, zombies invading the battlefields of WW2, sadistic prison guards, wise-cracking Area 51 agents, an alien with an identity crisis, a little girl that slays monsters, and so much more; AnniverSERIES celebrates […]


I was at a BBQ recently enjoying ataköy eskort bayan the company of good friends. Over a few drinks we started talking about Captain America Civil War. The airport scene, the car chase, the final fight, yes! grown men geeking out around a BBQ stand. The topic changed to focus on Black Panther. A casual […]


1. Raise the curtain: “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” of course it is, Its a Batman vs Superman movie, go watch it! It’s the first time these icons are on screen together (plus Wonder Woman) in a live action flick, go watch it.Now that we got that out of çarşamba […]

The teams have been revealed for Captain toroslar escort America Civil War, time for audience to ring the bell. Captain America’s team: Ant-Man, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and The Winter Soldier. Iron Man’s team: Black Widow, War Machine, Black Panther and the man who can win this civil war single handedly, The Vision. The trailer […]