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DC comics is desperate gerze bayan escort for relevance. This is the comic book giant sharing it’s weakness with the masses. This time around Batman: The Killing Joke is the latest example, DC trying too hard and failing at what should be a slam dunk. The Killing Joke is an adaptation of the classic Alan […]


1. Raise the curtain: “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” of course it is, Its a Batman vs Superman movie, go watch it! It’s the first time these icons are on screen together (plus Wonder Woman) in a live action flick, go watch it.Now that we got that out of çarşamba […]


Calm down and read on! Sometimes when a movie takes too long to be released, it runs the risk of bakırköy escort bayanları its content clashing with real world events. This is the case with Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. To make matters worse for DC, stating that their movies are grounded in “reality” doesn’t help. I’d like […]


Wow, could this be the worse Justice League to date? It’s a strong statement to make, don’t get us wrong, but we do sort of have faith in Zack  Synder…now that  we got that mersin toroslar escort out the way. We have HAD it up to *here* with the “World Domination” the take over the world just so […]


Hooray!!! another Batman animated movie At some point this reliance on Batman as the heavy lifter might backfire on DC, by the time Man of Steel 2 comes out we might be fed up of Batman.There’s still Son of Batman to come out çarşamba escort this May and the next-gen game (Arkham Knight). Cool to […]

So Lex Luthor will escort çarşamba be in the movie now. No big surprise there since the film makers are tricking us into writing this entire movie for them. Think about it, they throw out characters names ( Green Lantern, Flash etc) plot devices (Wonder Woman is Kryptonian) and wait for fans to react. Batman […]


Let us start this off with something mersin toroslar escort quite deep. A quote from  Chance the Rapper “the truth doesn’t always rhyme”. In this context , Batman doesn’t rhyme with Superman. What the Batman Trilogy director Christopher Nolan did for DC/WB will always be held at high esteem, by both critics and audiences. It’s […]