Captain America Civil War: Movie Review

By on April 28, 2016

Geeks line up to join their teams bakırköy escort on the silver screen. We love these characters and don’t want any harm to come to them, this should be fun and entertaining. Boy I did not see this coming.

There’s a formula that we have come to expect from movies. If it’s good guy versus good guy, they hug it out midway and go stop the bad guy, done. Captain America Civil War didn’t let the fans off that easy. This movie cuts deep. Age of Ultron has been slightly elevated because of what transpires in Civil War.

The movie picks up after the events of Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America is leading a new team of Avengers Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, War Machine and Vision. The mission to stop Cross Bones goes wrong and civilians die.

General Ross (from the Hulk movies) comes out of the woodwork to let Steve and his team know that the world governments want to “own” the Avengers.
Tell them what to do,where to go and when to strike.

This doesn’t sit well with Steve but Tony is all in. He believes the Avengers should be controlled because of what happened in Sokovia with Ultron. The same Ultron that he and Bruce Banner built to protect the world.

When T’challa’s (the Black Panther) father is killed in a bombing,this pushes the Avengers further apart because of the prime suspect. Now a globetrotting mystery of “who did it” takes Captain America on a personal journey to discover the truth.

With 12 movies under its belt, Marvel Studios is not afraid to go the distance this time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when heroes fight other heroes and both sides lose. This is Iron Man like we’ve never seen him before. Tony is spending his riches trying to ease the guilt of what he did in Avengers 2. He agrees with General Ross on the fact that heroes need to be controlled, maybe because he wants to be controlled by controlling those heroes. He’s too quick to jump when Ross says sign on the dotted line. He wants to play politics and convince himself that he’s on the right side of the Sokovia Accords ( the document that super powered people must sign to work for the UN).

Captain America on the other hand is stuck in the past emotionally. He wants to keep the status quo when it comes to old-fashion heroics. He wants to have the big stick, but to also keep it out of the hands of those whom he uses to protect. And like a good soldier, he’s committed to that idea.This splits the team apart, Team Iron Man is Vision, War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and…Spider Man :).The Captain America team is Falcon, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch and Hawk Eye.

This issue of caring about fictional people in make-believe land has become a popular plot point in comic book movies recently. If it sounds like I’m dismissing the idea as fan service is because I am. But Civil War does something smart about this, accountability is something that people in power tend to shy away from its the scary beast that’s second cousin to honesty.

I get that Tony Stark feels guilty but his decision to fight Cap takes away his hero moments (you don’t wake up a hero but when the chance come for you to choose, that’s your hero moment). When Cap keeps “staying the course” and protecting Bucky (SPOILER ALERT AGAIN) this makes him a danger too. His emotions and feeling of loneliness from living and protecting a world he doesn’t understand adds to the stress also. Think about it, a super soldier who doesn’t trust his own government. Ain’t that something.

Oh yeah Spider Man is in the movie :)

Captain America Civil War was earned. Years have built up to this moment, when we find out that Stark is a showman that WE the audience created and the silver screen has turned into a mirror to give us what we wanted, reality hits home. We build Iron Man into this Titan that could do no wrong and now he’s punching the living day lights out of Captain America, you can’t help but be emotionally attached to the events on screen. Cap is blinded by his 100 year old friendship that he doesn’t see that Tony is as much his friend as The Winter Soldier is.

The reason this movie is gold is because of a simple lesson, “this conflict can happen to anyone, superpowers excluded”. Anyone in the audience might have a difference of opinion than that of a friend or system and choosing how the they react to it creates the outcome. The top Marvel superheroes that we have followed in the cinematic universe thus far have no secret identities, so decisions they make as Tony Stark the civilian-billionaire are decisions that Iron Man the hero also make. They don’t leave the cape at home and go partying with friends, they are one and the same.

Marvel is breaking its toys emotionally and will be remembered for it for years to come.

The more I think about this movie the more I’m gonna write, so stay tuned for more thoughts.

For now let me leave you with this: “Creativity Is Allowing Yourself to Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones to Keep” and that’s why Captain America Civil War is a masterpiece. Go watch it.

Leave a comment below on your thought on the film if you’ve seen it already.

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