Back To The Future, leaving it all behind

By on October 21, 2015

Today is the future date that teen Marty McFly and scientist Doc Brown go to the future from eskort avrupa yakası 1985. It fills like we are leaving something behind doesn’t it? All of Back To The Future is now in the past. Time caught up with us…all of us. Does this mean we leave the imagination of what the future was or is behind?


We can joke around asking “where’s my hover board” but do we take the time to appreciate our other accomplishments? It feels as if time caught up with Robert Zemeckis’ vision of the future. I don’t think this discredits the great imaginative minds that choose this date or how the future was depicted. It just means if you are sincere, bold and imaginative in your storytelling, it will be remembered generations later.

Thank you Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Robert Zemeckis and everyone who contributed to this great adventure. This does not mean we forgetting the series, but to show great appreciation for it.

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