5 comic book characters I don’t identify with.

By on June 3, 2014

Thanks to the popularity of the comic book blockbuster, more and çarşamba escort more people are starting to read comics. Hopefully this is not a fed but genuine appeal and identification with the characters. I mean we love these fictional characters because we identify with them right?

So I’m gonna touch on characters that have in some way or form achieved mainstream success but on the pages have not stood out to me then and now. They might be cool overall but deep down come off to me as meh! Think of it this way, these are people I would have a hard time striking a conversation with at a BBQ. Let’s get started.

5. Ironman

WAIT! I know I just hurt your feelings but hear me out. To be honest My love for this hero is superficial. I get he’s a hard worker and all but at the back of my mind I always had this one thought “this guy bought his spot into heroics”. I get the whole thing about him having a change of heart after the cave fiasco but still…I rather buy a Batman comic for the same price.

4. Barry Allen as the Flash

One word. Boring. Holy hell Boring Allen is just a drag. Since high school I just couldn’t buy into him as the Flash. I’m a Wally West gen kid. Energetic, flawed and generally interesting as just a guy. At first I just bought Flash(Wally West) books because they were cheaper, don’t judge me.

3. Lobo

The “main man”. I think I was too nice in my youth to get this guy. Maybe to me bikes just meant rock music and I was not listening to that then. The existence of this character just baffles me. So his bike can fly and the whole goth thing is probably still cool somewhere in the world. Is his coolness even relevant in today’s world? Tim Burton might change my mind on this guy if they offer him the director’s chair.

3. Ghost Rider

The comics where boring and the movies are worse. Moving on.

2. New 52 Superman

I tried. It’s not happening. To make it worse, the cool farm boy persona I grew up connecting with is not there anymore. I get this version is more badass for the new generation but damn! The movie didn’t do him any favours either. I know they got a new writer and art team on the books now and I’m gonna give them a try but for right now a bully by any other name…

1. The Fantastic Four

Reed Richards is cool. It’s his involvement with the other 3 team members the Invisible Woman, Thing and the Human Torch that drags him down. I didn’t enjoy the FF book in high school and I don’t now. This team earns the number 1 spot because for a family unit I don’t get any of them. Doom is the coolest thing about FF books in my opinion. There was something about them that was never cool to begin with, their superhero name is like the 5th thing that’s not appeal about them. I know each member should cater to a personally type but even in high school the human torch was just lame for my taste. One thing every kid fears is to be forgotten the moment they leave the room. Dozens of books and movies later…already forgotten. Maybe there will be something in the reboot that will strike me deep down, but till then I would not have anything to say to these guys at a BBQ.

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