Wolverine the TV series. Why not?

By on November 9, 2015

Maybe this is what crazy sounds like avrupa yakası eskort but hear me out. As the politics stand, Marvel owns the rights to X-Men cartoons and merchandise, they only sold the movie rights to Fox. Marvel cancelled the X-Men cartoons to start promoting characters coming out of Marvel studios, Captain America, IronMan, Thor and so on. At this point there is no difference between 6 year olds fighting over their toys and studio executives fighting over….well….their toys.

Recently talks have started between Marvel and Fox to allow the latter to create a New Mutants TV series check story here. Basically allowing Fox studios to use mutants on TV which they previously couldn’t. Recently director Bryan Singer has announced that the upcoming X-Men movie (X-Men Apocalypse, coming May 27 2016) is his last, also actor Hugh Jackman is hanging up the adamantium claws after his next solo Wolverine movie in a couple of years.

This is what I’m thinking, get a new actor to continue Wolverine AKA Logan’s journey on the small screen. Looks like Flash and Supergirl have decent budgets for TV so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Removing Wolverine from the big screen will give the First Class actors a chance to flourish even more, with nothing from the previous movies to weigh down future stories. The upside is we get Logan for most of the year, working our way to the next X-Men movie. This also helps keep the X-Men brand top of mind during the down times.

This is my simple breakdown of what the first 5 seasons could have. Please keep in mind I’m saying simple.

Season 1:
Events after X-Men Apocalypse.

Season 2:
Logan trains New Mutants. Takes on Omega Red and does other cool stuff.

Season 3:
Cameos from the movies to set up the next movie.

Season 4:
Return of the Weapon X program.

Season 5:
The Phoenix Saga.

Yes I went there, The Phoenix Saga on TV, come at me bro!

What are your thoughts on this? Can a TV series starring the most beloved of all the X-Men work? Let us know below.

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