The Jungle Book: Movie Review

By on April 14, 2016

The Jungle book is a film by Iron Man toroslar eskort director Jon Favreau. If you’ve been loving the Marvel studios, he’s part of the think tank for some of the movies so he’s no stranger to epic fantasy.

I’m so glad I went into this one with just the first trailer in mind, because that allowed me to reserve judgment and take in the movie as presented.

The story is about Mowgil, a human boy raised by wolves. His father died protecting him from a vicious tiger named Shere Khan. When the animals call a truce during a season of drought, Shere Khan makes it clear to the animal kingdom that he wants the boy dead as soon as the rains come. Now Bagheera the panther and the wolves must help Mowgil find his way to human civilisation to escape Shere Khan’s wrath.

I watched this movie on IMAX…what a view! The jungle was warm and sunny when it was meant to be, dark and creepy when Kaa the giant snake appears. You follow one story that spans around a jungle with different characters interacting with Mowgil.

What’s the jungle book without the iconic musical numbers, Baloo’s “Bear Necessities” and King Louie’s “Wanna be like you”. The songs are a bit out of place, but they don’t hurt the movie as a whole. It does feel like the movie needs a sequel because there is much of the jungle to explore and the themes touched on during Mowgil’s journey. Themes of revenge, dominance, community spirit and corruption. The idea that the wolves don’t want Mowgil to use “technology” but to live and survive as a wolf is an interest view of “men” and his contribution to the world, good or bad.

The Jungle Book is no classic but it’s fun enough for one and all, I hope there’s more to come because I really enjoyed what I saw.

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Is The Jungle Book good? Yes • Is it better than the 1994 version? That's for you to decide • Do we rate things on this site? Yes, and The Jungle Book gets

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