The DeadPool movie is not real

By on December 21, 2015

Here’s a thought to wrinkle your brain, what if the Deadpool escort avrupa yakası movie is a figment of our collective imagination? A multimedia psychosis of sorts. In other words, we don’t see dead people, but we see Deadpool. The way this movie is coming together, is leading me to suspect that something we have no control over is behind the scenes.

Let’s dig deeper into my theory.
The Merc With A Mouth was a dismal failure in the X-Men spin off Wolverine: Origins, a side character who made for a terrible final boss fight. There was nothing to him then and it should be the same now as well. But that’s not the case is it. A leaked action scene from Comic Con and a genuine desire to redeem DeadPool in the eyes of the fans has lead us to this point. Reality check guys! The world doesn’t work like that.

Suddenly we’re getting a true to form depiction of Deadpool. He’s fan friendly and marketable enough for the general audience. I’d like to see the PowerPoint presentation that convinced Fox executives to approve this film, or maybe there isn’t one.

The perfect casting of Ryan Reynolds should have been the dead give away. When have fan boys and girls known to unanimously agree on casting choices. Think back to Nolan’s Joker, what about Ben Affleck? or Captain America. Never!

The trailer dropped, DeadPool did his thing. Shot up the house, throw some meta jokes and interacted with the audience. Now you tell me if you really believe you saw a trailer like that. This is the type of case Mulder and Scully investigate, a collective delusion experienced by millions across the globe.

Guys I’m scared, let’s all tap our heels and wish to go home. Studios don’t approve risky material like Deadpool. The suits play it safe, make their money and go home. I want to go home, wait…what is the Matrix?…is Kanye going to run for president in 2020? For real…WHAT THE HELL IS A CHIMICHANGA?

This too good to be true movie hits “theaters” February 2016.

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