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Let’s get the story out of the avrupa yakası eskort way shall we. This is the third installment in the new X-Men trilogy set in 1983. Charles Xavier investigates a myth about the first mutant. A mutant with God-like powers who use to rule ancient Egypt until he was buried by his followers. The being […]


The movies is lazy and çarşamba escort uninspired. It’s a poor copy of what came before. Click here for the spoiler filled review.

Sorry for the late review, I was sick for bakırköy bayanları the last 3 days. I’m better now so let’s get to it. It’s about time we get to the comic booky stuff with the X-Men. If they can’t defeat Magneto after 6 movies, then what’s the point. I’m glad the franchise is moving on, […]


Guys, these are the easy ones.The ones where the internal logic of the avrupa yakası escort movie turns on its self. Where you ask more basic storytelling questions that just enjoying the movie. Yes guys this is where it all went wrong for Fox. When Bryan Singer left the director’s chair to helm Superman Returns. […]