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Time to get off the bench, this trailer was disappointing. I implore you to dig deep into your feelings and be honest, and honestly this was weak. At this point I don’t think anyone can say for sure if DC Films is interested in the world-building-money anymore. This seems like 2 steps to the left […]

Somebody save us from these Michael Bay dumpster fires. I don’t believe Director Bay think he’s work is meaningful at this point. Unless the name of the game is ‘diminishing returns’ or how low can your ‘Rotten Tomatoes score go’. Personally I’m tired of these but I’ll be there on release day because I like […]

Imma leave this here and wait for tomorrow. On a side note, this was enough for me to geek out. See you tomorrow.

The official teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy has dropped. All our favs are back and rocking it like a Saturday morning cartoon. This trailer is visually the right amount of eye candy but concept-wise it doesn’t say much. I think Director James Gunn just wanted to give us familiar faces and banter for […]

I think the grown ups need to leave the room now, this movie ain’t for you. This trailer just steps harder on the legacy of the original movies. From the dialogue alone, one can tell that the new team is being painted as perfect snowflakes that have to save the city because its their destiny. […]

WB would rather spend money on a whole other lighter Dark Knight franchise than make the DCEU fun for the whole family. According to Batman v Superman, “No one cares about Lego Batman”, audiences would rather turn their smiles upside down. When the Wiz Khalifa track kick in (Black and Yellow) I was laughing and […]

Not that it’s not a good trailer, but… I say again, not that it’s not a good trailer but it just doesn’t get the blood flowing like other major tent pole promo pieces. This trailer and or X-Men film is playing too low key for my liking. The trailer shows just enough for one to […]

This war that Captain America is declaring on Iron Man is gonna change the MCU in a big way. New heroes to will pick up the pieces moving on to phase 3, I believe this will add depth to the world that these characters live in. Hands up if you when ape sh!t when Spider-man […]

Ghostbusters trailer review I get it now! The movies that were cool for me growing up, shouldn’t be cool for me when I’m all grown up. Geek culture is big now, but it’s clear that the purchase power is with the mainstream movie goers I don’t dislike this trailer, I like it, I think the […]