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Thanks to the popularity of the comic book blockbuster, more and çarşamba escort more people are starting to read comics. Hopefully this is not a fed but genuine appeal and identification with the characters. I mean we love these fictional characters because we identify with them right? So I’m gonna touch on characters that have in […]


On the real, I have a new found respect for the Flash after reading the Blackest Night (Green Lantern) comic.I use to buy Flash comics until they bakırköy bayan brought back Boring Allen, I can’t stand the guy. I’m from the Wally West era of the Flash, and for me I could never let that […]


A sneak peak at the Flash suit. Well, just the headshot.We should thank the Hollywood gods that this headshot looks like the comic book version of gerze eskort the suit. From a company that tries sooooo hard to steer clear of the source material. This is a win for the fans. Might be soon considering […]