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Please go with me on this one bakırköy kız it’s about to get weird. I like TMNT 2. Thank you for reading this far, see you on the next post. Want to know more read on. This year has had its extremes in terms of blockbuster quality delivery, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is […]

Well if it ain’t broke….The first trailer for Teenager avrupa yakası escort bayan Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows is here. Personally I was hoping for the X-Men trailer to drop but this is what we get. After watching this a couple of times I realised that I’m clearly not the target demographic for […]


So finally the Teenage Mutant Ninja avrupa yakası eskort Turtles hit the big screen in South Africa, I guess the studio didn’t think this deserved a worldwide release. I wonder why. A few elements of the origin story where obviously tweaked to accommodated the mainstream audiences, it’s not a train smash just pointing it out […]


It’s nice to see more of what the turtles look like kicking ass, major points for sharing.Side note: Megan Fox has no business being in gerze genç kızlar this movie. I’m sure a real actress would have been cheaper. Ok cool moving on. The action looks rough and painful, more points to that. Master Splinter […]