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If this is meant to be a trilogy then my ranking is decided, Beyond is my number 1. Care and character development was injected into a series that JJ Abrams was using to get to a franchise he really wanted (Star Wars). With the reboot in 2016 and Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams sold the […]


I just want to share my thoughts on these news/rumour. Roberto Orci ( one of the writers for The amazing Spider-Man, the rebooted Star Trek movies and many other blockbusters) who is now taking over directing duties from J.J Abrams for Star Trek 3 is looking at the possibility of bringing in William Shatner to […]


  Visit this site and enjoy the USS Enterprise in pixel form.


Star Trek into darkness is JJ Abrams and teams’ second instalment/attempt at the rebooted franchise. The 2009 film I liked because it established the difference between the 2 universes. That’s out of the box thinking. With a promise that what you know from the original franchise will be challenged in the second universe. Not mimicked, […]