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There is absolutely no reason for this movie to exist but here we are. The rumours of Xander Cage’s death have been highly exaggerated. He lives. Still performing impossible feats and looking dope while doing ’em. Vin Diesel is back as Xander Cage, some of you might be too young to remember this so let’s […]


Last year this time we where all peak-Force-Awakens, which I enjoyed no complaints. This year we have Rogue One, the prequel to A New Hope(episode 4). You don’t have to be a die hard Star Wars fans to see that this movie is good. Thumbs up. The movie tell the events of how the rebel […]


Marvel Studios is yet to have a dud on its hands, but the formulaic approach is proving formidable. This entry feels episodic in nature, just with a bigger budget attached to it. It’s hard to complain when fun and laughs are to be had for the duration of the movie. I loved Dr Strange. I […]


DC comics is desperate for relevance. This is the comic book giant sharing it’s weakness with the masses. This time around Batman: The Killing Joke is the latest example, DC trying too hard and failing at what should be a slam dunk. The Killing Joke is an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore graphic novel […]


If this is meant to be a trilogy then my ranking is decided, Beyond is my number 1. Care and character development was injected into a series that JJ Abrams was using to get to a franchise he really wanted (Star Wars). With the reboot in 2016 and Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams sold the […]


Suicide Squad is DC films’ best movie yet, it’s 1% better than Man of Steel and BvS, yes I said it now lets move on. The trailers didn’t sell me anything I didn’t get when I put on my 3D glasses. In comparison, Man of Steel and BvS sold a game changing premise and fell […]


In this reboot of the 1984 Ghostbusters, the story follows 3 scientists (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon) and a metrol rail worker(Leslie Jones) who band together as paranormal exterminators to save New York from a nigh ghost apocalypse. This premise would have taken the world by storm if only this was not a reboot. […]


It’s been 9 years since actor Matt Damon was Jason Bourne and returning director (The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) Paul Greengrass was behind the camera. They made 2 Bourne movies together and jointly decided not to participate in the 4th installment Bourne Legacy in 2012. Now both are back in 2016 to find […]


The story picks up after with Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) now called by his royal name John Clayton III, a perfect specimen of a man with his sexy-as-hell wife Jane Porter (Margot Robbie) living in London. He’s asked to join a trip back to his “homeland” the Congo to find out if the natives are being […]


It’s 20 years since the world-ending attack on mankind. The humans have integrated the fallen alien tech with military arsenal. Basically the world is Better now… Or is it. The original alien menace returns with a bigger ship and bigger guns. Same plot as before, stop the aliens from wiping men out. How can you […]