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To have a plan is one thing but to believe in the power of chance is another. Let’s look at 4 comic book characters that have “a card up their sleeve” in terms of how they operate and follow through as a theme. Number 4 A dress code is important if you want stand out, […]


Marvel Studios is yet to have a dud on its hands, but the formulaic approach is proving formidable. This entry feels episodic in nature, just with a bigger budget attached to it. It’s hard to complain when fun and laughs are to be had for the duration of the movie. I loved Dr Strange. I […]


Let’s get the story out of the way shall we. This is the third installment in the new X-Men trilogy set in 1983. Charles Xavier investigates a myth about the first mutant. A mutant with God-like powers who use to rule ancient Egypt until he was buried by his followers. The being (Apocalypse) returns to […]


The movies is lazy and uninspired. It’s a poor copy of what came before. Click here for the spoiler filled review.


I was at a BBQ recently enjoying the company of good friends. Over a few drinks we started talking about Captain America Civil War. The airport scene, the car chase, the final fight, yes! grown men geeking out around a BBQ stand. The topic changed to focus on Black Panther. A casual movie goer (close […]


Geeks line up to join their teams on the silver screen. We love these characters and don’t want any harm to come to them, this should be fun and entertaining. Boy I did not see this coming. There’s a formula that we have come to expect from movies. If it’s good guy versus good guy, […]


Since Captain America Civil War is around the corner, I thought I’d jump back to a missed review of one of the heroes that will be in the front lines. Ant-Man had a troubled production history, the fan favourite director Edgar Wright left the project as it was days away from filming. This was big […]

Not that it’s not a good trailer, but… I say again, not that it’s not a good trailer but it just doesn’t get the blood flowing like other major tent pole promo pieces. This trailer and or X-Men film is playing too low key for my liking. The trailer shows just enough for one to […]


Daredevil trailer review. Matt Murdock is back baby! The season will be so epic the trailer comes in 2 parts. I’m so excited, Daredevil season 1 was awesome (thank you Netflix Everywhere) and this season seems to be throwing everything at Matt Murdock including the kitchen sink…get it…because he’s from Hell’s Kitchen Enough jokes! Part […]


Ryan Reynolds has found his calling as the ‘Eminem’ of the superhero genre. Deadpool is here to call out the fakes and salute the greats, his not interested in doing good but just self serving with no regrets and we’re along for the ride. The story is actually smaller than you think. It’s about Deadpool […]