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DC comics is desperate for relevance. This is the comic book giant sharing it’s weakness with the masses. This time around Batman: The Killing Joke is the latest example, DC trying too hard and failing at what should be a slam dunk. The Killing Joke is an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore graphic novel […]


1. Raise the curtain: “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” of course it is, Its a Batman vs Superman movie, go watch it! It’s the first time these icons are on screen together (plus Wonder Woman) in a live action flick, go watch it. Now that we got that out of […]

WB would rather spend money on a whole other lighter Dark Knight franchise than make the DCEU fun for the whole family. According to Batman v Superman, “No one cares about Lego Batman”, audiences would rather turn their smiles upside down. When the Wiz Khalifa track kick in (Black and Yellow) I was laughing and […]

What do I think of the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer? It’s weak, it doesn’t work, the music is bad, and most of all they chickened out by revealing “Doomsday”. Let me stop you right there, it’s not a Marvel, DC thing, it’s about a trailer that popped its hood and there’s nothing […]


Calm down and read on! Sometimes when a movie takes too long to be released, it runs the risk of its content clashing with real world events. This is the case with Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. To make matters worse for DC, stating that their movies are grounded in “reality” doesn’t help. I’d like to bring your […]


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer is finally here. Still a year to go before the movie is out but this will do. When Zak Snyder is behind the camera it’s always a virtual treat from the first frame. Verdict: this trailer is underwhelming as hell. The opening with the voice overs carries […]


Title: Pilot episode A good crime drama is sacrificed at the expense of showing off. The opening scene with young catwoman reminded me of Smallville, the promise of what is NOT to come. And that continued throughout the episode. Spoilers ahead I thought the Wayne’s where gonna be a big part of this DC self […]


Yes I said it, I believe in Zack Snyder. I think DC and WB need to help him become the voice of the DC cinematic universe instead of a 1 man army that the fans blame for everything. He worked on Watchmen, 300 and Man of Steel,all are DC properties. what more does this man […]