Star Trek Beyond: Movie Review

By on August 29, 2016

If this is meant to be a avrupa yakası eskort trilogy then my ranking is decided, Beyond is my number 1. Care and character development was injected into a series that JJ Abrams was using to get to a franchise he really wanted (Star Wars). With the reboot in 2016 and Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams sold the soul of Enterprise to achieve his goals thereby leaving us Trekkies with subpar material for almost a decade.

While JJ Abrams was off fulfilling his dreams, I found my self rewatching the original Trek series a lot. I’m a Generations kid but I wanted to see what the deal was with the Kirk and Spock era. In relation to Beyond, I can appreciate the simplicity of it and wish there was more to watch when the credits started to roll.

The story starts off slow which I appreciate. The crew has been in deep space for 3 of their 5 year mission, Kirk is contemplating resigning as Captain and Spock is leaving for personal reasons (to save the Vulcan race and all that). Death and doubt seems to be on their minds during this time. Soon after, they are sent on a mission to rescue a foreign Captain and his crew from the militant ruler Krall in a nearby planet. The mission goes wrong and the crew of the enterprise are now stranded on the same planet with no ship, no crew and no means to call Starfleet for help.

This adventure rocks! And the crew gets to go old school.

The crew is in 3 parts of the planet and each trying to find a solution to the problem. What makes Beyond better than the other 2 before it is more time is spent with the crew, it’s not just about following “super” Captain Kirk as he kicks ass. it’s the main crew members each playing a vital role in defeating Krall and his unstoppable “bees” (you see how the “bees” take down the Enterprise in the trailer, it’s awesome). I love the fact that the plot gives you time to be invested in the mission and the action beats are weaved into the narrative with a purpose this time.

Krall is a villain who hates Starfleet for generic reasons, but it doesn’t matter because his motivations don’t take anything away from the movie. The main characters coming alive gives you something to follow and root for in the movie so the standard villain is fine.

Beyond stands firm as a solid Star Trek entry. I hate that as an international consumer, I didn’t get the chance to see this sometime as the U.S (so we can all share in the conversation) but it was worth the wait. I wish the movie was longer so we get to spend more time with the crew because this time they had something to say and do. Beyond makes you realise that Star Trek and Into Darkness had a superficial appeal to them that wore off after a while, if this was the first one out the gate the conversation would be different. Can’t complain much, we got the good one this time.

Have you seen Star Trek, What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Is Star Trek Beyond good? yes • Is it better than Star Trek Into Darkness? That's for you to decide • Do we rate movies on this site? Yes, and Star Trek Beyond gets

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