Sector Comics: 3 Issues review

By on November 9, 2015

I went to the rAge Expo in October, bought comics from a collective called Sector avrupa yakası eskort Comics. The 3 issues I got consist of 3 separate stories inside, as the writer puts it “Think about this insanity for a second: there are like, three whole universes in your hands right now”.

The stories are short and well paced.books

Story 1: Uncharted Waters
Captain Van Hunks is searching for the lost city of URR. He and his crew capture a mermaid for directions but the sea creature refuses to help, warning him of a curse that surrounds the treasure.

Story 2: The Illustrated Guide To The End Of The World.
This story follows the inhabitants of a “living planet” called Id, Queen Chalithra The Knife Goddess to be exact. She encounters Jack, a half Dragon half something else who’s on a mission to destroy Babylon because it’s an evil that threatens all of creation.

Story 3: Red Air
Things are turned upside down when one of the astronauts on Mars goes ‘Jack Nicholson Shining’ on the rest of the crew. Possessed maybe?
I’m betting all these stories are connected some how. Stop laughing, I’m serious.

The stories exist at some undefined points in time, it’s either the distant past, distance future and/or sometime in the middle. I think Red Air holds the clues to the connections. I could be totally off the mark here and that’s ok. If anything, my theories mean I’m hooked!

Captain Van Hunks is a pirate whose hunting for an evil greater than him, sacrificing blood for treasure to get it done. Queen Chalithra and Jack seem to be on a quest to save planet Id from an ancient evil that could well be connected to the Van Hunks curse.This could be the evil that controls the astronaut on Mars.

The art is sharp and clean, the styles match the different tones of the storylines. My favourite one is….. I’m kidding, they’re all dope.

I wish there was a digital element to the Red Air story. Like a QR code to listen to the music from the radio station. Music seems to be a big part of the story, it would be great to have that extension.

Sector Comics is doing great work, hope to see more as these stories unfold.

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Leave a comment below if you’ve read any of these issues. Love ’em hate ’em let us know.

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