NEW “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer Review

By on December 4, 2015

What do I think of the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer? It’s weak, it doesn’t work, the music is bad, and most of all they chickened out by revealing “Doomsday”.Let me stop you right there, it’s çarşamba escort not a Marvel, DC thing, it’s about a trailer that popped its hood and there’s nothing impressive under it. Introducing “Doomsday” this late in the game is a bad move, the general audience is not familiar with him. To Joe Popcorn, this is confusing because he was promised a fight between Batman and Superman, It’s the title of the movie, it’s what we’re here for. 

The lingering conversation between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent goes on too long. If Ben Affleck’s performance in this trailer is what we getting in the rest of the movie…OMG, he’s not right for this part. Yes, it’s unfair to say that before I watch the movie, but you know what they say about first impressions. 

It’s hard not to compare it to the Captain America Civil War trailer, but I think DC is missing the point. The general audience is invested in the Marvel characters, it’s been 2 Avengers movies already, we know these guys. We love these heroes. It matters to us. There’s been one Superman movie back in 2013, we don’t know this Batman from a bar of soap, so why should this matter? 

Still no dialogue scenes from Wonder Woman (remember Sucker Punch). She shows up to help Batman and Superman, instead of saying thank you, it’s about asking if she’s with the other guy (remember Sucker Punch). 

This trailer hasn’t earned repeated viewing from me. It’s not quotable. That Zack Snyder 300 look and feel is dated at this point. 

Lastly, there’s no need for cursing in a trailer,  who’s impressed by that s***.

What do you think of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? let us know in the comments.

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