Fargo TV Series

By on July 7, 2014

The TV miniseries inspired gerze genç kızlar by the Oscar-winning film from the Coen brothers “Fargo” is an instant binge-watch contender. This is based on a TRUE STORY, which is centred on the Minnesota Murders of 2006. It has a lot of dark and lighthearted comedy in it. Not that there are “Why did the chicken cross the road” jokes, they are more happenstantial jokes, aided by juxtapositions that sort of pull the rug from under your feet EVERYTIME. Great writing, awesome cinematography, fantastic wardrobe & Make up departments.


After you finish the first episode, you will ask yourself…could the climactic episode do justice to what had gone before? As the sing sung by Minnesotans goes ”oh yah, you betcha”. The police force in this series won’t be held accountable for their complacency, unlike the Police force in ‘The Following’ (…story for another day) – there is at least one sharp ‘over-achieving’ tool in the shed and she is played by Alison Tollman…who abides by the ‘small town mentality’ rules but has a sense of rebellious curiosity (which does make for a great cop)

The Coen-esque devil character is played by Billy Bob Thorton, although we can clearly see is the bad guy, is for some reason or the other instantly likeable. Our main protagonist Lester Nygaard has very deep seeded issues, he’s played by Martin Freeman who does a remarkable job, initially he gave off a ‘Bilbo Baggins’ vibe and made his character seem like he was lazily created, it was mostly his accent…it was just the accent actually, which changes in episode 2.

Fargo is an awesome series. Don’t delay! See it!

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