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Was not expecting this show to look this good. Can’t wait.


The Power Rangers all grown up.

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Look…I WANT the movie to be a success…they have THEE most recognisable superhero’s. If the movie is awesome we ALL win, DC fans, Marvel fans as well as the studios… When i saw “Unite the 7” I was like huh? Is Khal Drogo back to unite the 7 kingdoms!!!?? THEN i saw the Trident. The […]


Spider-man is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to a deal that’s been reached between Sony and Marvel Studios. Yes Sony still own some rights to the character, but Marvel studios has it’s favourite toy back. Just needed to clear that up. Do I care much for these news? Meh, for the most […]


  “Our art is a reflection of our reality”. Question, does this statement still hold true today? Let speak in terms of the movie business. Straight Outta Campton is a reflection of our reality…Oscar buzz? These kinds of movies seem to be dominating the awards right? As much as NWA changed the game, I hope […]


I just want to share my thoughts on these news/rumour. Roberto Orci ( one of the writers for The amazing Spider-Man, the rebooted Star Trek movies and many other blockbusters) who is now taking over directing duties from J.J Abrams for Star Trek 3 is looking at the possibility of bringing in William Shatner to […]


So if you are wondering what this article is about let me explain, it about the Merc with a Mouth. If you know a bit about Marvel characters you probably heard of Deadpool, a mutant who can’t die and kills for money as a profession. He’s a character that can break the forth wall in […]